Mongolian Rock Band HU's Band Logo Explained

The HU is a Mongolian Hunnu rock band. Gala is the lead throat singer. Below you can watch one of their most popular songs on YouTube. The next video is an interview about their logo and its meaning.

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Where do you find this stuff? A Mongolian rock band? :thinking:

I did watch both videos, though. The cultural significance of both the logo and the lyrics to the song makes me wonder how modern Mongolians view the widespread power they once wielded centuries ago, Sounds like there might be some nationalist sentiments brewing there. And I have no idea what those stringed instruments they were playing might be, but they managed to play rock music on them.

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As far as I can tell, your analysis is spot on. :slight_smile:

I found this through a YouTube recommendation. I guess the machine learning algorithms are working well sometimes. They know I’m interested in design and culturally exotic material.

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