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I am currently putting together a workstation for graphic design purposes. I have most items, but I am yet to purchase a monitor…

Today I received advice on this but as I have no reference point, I was hoping experienced designers could offer me insight as to what size and functionality to choose? The most important question I have is… is there a standard or recommended size? Is 4K worthwhile and if so at what size does it become so? Any other functionality… for example hardware calibration? I have been looking at a number of options from Eizo, BenQ, Dell, NEC. I welcome all constructive advice.

I primarily use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I will be running Windows 10 and I will be purchasing a monitor colour calibration device if it is not built into the monitor.

Many thanks

BenQ PD3200U 32" 4K

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For design, I’d think about using two monitors. I do a lot of production work and once I hooked up the second, there is no going back to one now.

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Make sure the colors are good. Most monitors are great for gaming and general use, but their colors are off for graphic design. You can get burned real bad if the orange you imagined comes out as reddish in printing, or something similar.

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Actually, you can get burned real bad if you expect your printing to look like your monitor. Period.

Thanks. Do you recommend any particular brands or models that reproduce colours well? I understand that Eizo are excellent choices, but are they really worth the extra costs compared to something like the BenQ? Also what size do you use and what resolution do you use?

Thank you. Do you run different white points for different design work comparisons or do you use it as an ultra-wide-screen type of configuration or something else? If I did run two monitors, then 32" and maybe even 27" might be too physically big for my workspace. What size do you use and what resolution do you run? Is it better from a colour calibration perspective to have two monitors the same?

Thank you very much. I’ve been looking at the BenQ monitors - they seem good and are much cheaper than other alternatives.

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I suppose it’s always going to be a compromise. :wink:

I use a fairly color accurate monitor for layout (I know when it’s lying to me.) The other is used more as an interface for Email, PDF viewing, and tool palettes on the left side. That isn’t so color accurate. Both are 27" Viewsonic something or others. Not sure I’d recommend them as high end design models. Like I said, I do production.
Both are due for replacement with the next work station upgrades (If Apple ever decides to upgrade the beer coozy model.)

Are you happy with this monitor? For example is it too small, big or just the right size? Do you think is 4K an improvement in the context of design?

The pricetag on the 4Ks has been steadily coming down. You can get one for the price of a fairly decent high rez monitor right now. In a year or so, the point will be moot. I don’t have one and quite honestly have never interfaced with one so have no opinion on them. Next time I’m near a store that sells them I may check them out. I was an early user of Apple’s Retina model screens and while they’re nice and all, they do tend to have an after image problem that drives me insane when I have to work on mine at home.
Two 27" monitors has been perfectly fine for what I do (all large format production.) Depending on what you do, your mileage may vary.

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I think it’s the right size and quality but having seen my friends 43" Dell P series I have to reach beast mode …haha.

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