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I work in city government and I requested new monitors suitable for graphic design. The city’s standard monitor upgrade is Dell UltraSharp U2791D (27", $400, 2560x1440). But they could make an exception if I can make a case. Do you think this is a good fit, or is there something better I can request that is not way more expensive but better for my work? And what would be the selling points? Thanks.

Do you happen to use one of those MacBooks with USB-C?
If so, get a monitor with a USB-C port, it can send video and power the laptop with the same cord. Viewsonic has one with USB-C with similar specs/price as the dell.

I forgot to mention we only use PCs here.

If I were you I’d be looking at 5K monitors — maybe an LG. You’ll be paying at least twice as much as the Dell (or more). The Dell you mentioned is a fine monitor for typical office/business work. For graphic design, however, you need better color accuracy and higher resolution than someone just using MS Office, visiting websites and sending email.

I don’t see that happening… most likely I can convince them to get 4k monitors arguing I need a wide range and number of tools quickly and readily available on my screen when working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects… any recommendations on LG models 4k with professional color that won’t scare them in price? I was also thinking I could ask for just 1 big really good monitor for the price of 2, and just keep my second monitor as one of the junky ones I currently have.

I found this link with recommended monitors for graphic designers. I have a budget of $700. I could do either 2 - 27" monitors or 1 monitor 32" or more. Thoughts?

I mostly do graphic design (publications, booklets, brochures, bus shelters, flyers, street banners), and occasionally motion graphics in Adobe After Effects and some photography editing.

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