Monotype sites

For those of you who buy or care about fonts and typography, the following announcement from Monotype might interest you.

I’m registered as a foundry with Monotype, so I get regular emails from them. Over the last several years, Monotype has purchased many larger and mid-sized foundries and type distribution platforms.

Apparently, they’re planning to discontinue the font distribution sites of these venerable acquisitions and consolidate everything into I’m unsure how I feel about these changes, but it was inevitable.

I used to make a fairly good passive income from selling my fonts, but with 130,000-plus fonts now on sale at and more on the way, it’s hardly worth the effort anymore. Even the best new fonts get lost in the crowd.

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Same thing that’s happened in the stock industry. If their algorithm doesn’t smile on you, you’ll get buried in the search results and no one will see you.

Are your fonts included in the Monotype subscription? I’m curious what they actually pay out on that. My average stock sale on iStock and Shutterstock is around $.35 USD. Adobe is a little under $1. Since they started giving stuff away via subscriptions the pay outs have been in the toilet. Used to be an insanely good passive income.

Funny, that. I only buy fonts from