Monotype Trend report

Because we all know how important it is to keep up on the…trends (uh, no,) here’s a totally bombastic article about what Monotype thinks is trendy these days.
Set against a backdrop of terrible AI generated images.
But it was just amusing enough to make me smile. Maybe a little bit. :slightly_smiling_face:


How could a professional site use such badddddd AI? :flushed: It’s horrible!

Maybe they did it on purpose.
“See, AI sucks. You designers are sooooo much better.”
That was kind of the smiley part.

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I suspect they were trying to reproduce the dated graphics on old vinyl record covers and labels — sort of a late '60s or early '70s look.

Monotype’s Type Trends Report is a PDF. The Print article is just a glowing review of the report using imagery from the PDF.

Monotype, Print, and Pantone, in my opinion, share some things in common. They’re old companies (or at least old brands) that were relevant before the digital age. Each has extended its life by hyping its existence and questionable products as still important in the digital, online world.

Monotype has bought up most of the failing font foundries and bundled them into the Monotype brand. If I remember correctly, Print is now owned by some of its former writers. Pantone found a niche in digital printing while expanding its color system beyond printing ink. Each has clumsily embraced the digital age with viral gimmicks, such as colors of the year, web seminars, and, in Print’s case, helping promote Monotype’s Type Trends Report non-event.

I’m not saying these companies are on life support, but they’re a little like the Rolling Stones — still cranking out updated old ideas like the 1960s never really ended.