More AI design software

I was looking at an article on and these AI graphic design tools were mentioned. The list is certainly not complete; more AI tools are coming out all the time for better or worse.

The descriptions are from the companies; they’re not mine.

Flair: The AI tool for branded content

Illustroke: Stunning vector illustrations from text prompts

Patterned: Generate unique patterns for your product using AI!

Stockimg : Generate book covers, posters, logos, wallpaper, icons, stock images, with AI

Looka: Design your own beautiful brand

Looka I posted about in the thread We Need to Talk About AI.

I tried a few of these. Only 1 gave you a trial - the rest reuqire you buy ‘tokens’ before you can generate. So there’s no way to know if you’re happy with the results before you buy into the platform.

I’ll wait for it to be better than these.

Interesting ideas though.

The book cover one - I had a friend who wrote a book and I designed the book cover for him. I put in the same criteria I was looking for and it came up with a decent cover - but it wasn’t amazing and then it started asking me for tokens so I couldn’t fine tune it.

This …

Made me sad. I want to try them. But, that’s a big no. They should all be offering a free trial without having to get a full blown account. And that free trial is ONE token … so you better have your prompt right LOLOL :grin:

Of course they ask for tokens right off the bat. Design software doesn’t work for free ya know.
And if the software did give you a free trial, you might actually use the design without paying and that wouldn’t be right either.
You don’t know how much this cracks me up.

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Just now, I applied to be a beta tester for Firefly.

I’m a bit skeptical about it, though. I’ve been playing around with Adobe’s AI neural filters for Photoshop, and I haven’t found them especially useful or impressive.

I wonder if they’ll include Firefly with Creative Cloud.

I found an answer to my question at The Verge.

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