Motion graphic of a Palomino horse needed

Hi folks. I need a motion graphic of a Palomino horse, or at one that can be colored. If this can be made using software, what software to use? I will be putting this behind another object to run in the background. Thanks.

how much you payin?

Man, I’ve seen some crazy quotes. Maybe less than 50.00.

You can’t even get a stock video for that. Most of those approach $200 though you may find some boring ones for less.
A custom motion graphic? Multiply that by at least 3, then multiply it again based on the running time. Welcome to the real world.

That would be the craziest quote of all.

I’m off to

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Good luck. Obviously don’t value what you do very much.

I saw a business woman turn down a 10k investment for her business for 25 percent of the business. She turned it down based in the business she valued at 40k was nowhere near her valuation

She returned a later and they offered 100k for 5% a d she took it

You really should value your business on how much you are willing to invest …

Bottom of the barrel says it all

I could prolly get it for $20.00.

Yeh and it will prolly be ripped off from something else.

It’ll probably look it too.

I just hired a roofing company to re-shingle my house after getting several bids and recommendations from building contractors I know. They’re charging me $13,500 for what they say is three days of work.

That sounds like a lot, but the cost of construction materials are skyrocketing. They also have overhead costs related to everything from equipment to insurance. When they’re finished, and after all the expenses are factored in, they will have made a nice profit.

As a designer, I also have overhead expenses. Similarly, I need to make enough money to pay for various living expenses, like having a roof re-shingled. Twenty or fifty dollars for a day’s worth of work just wouldn’t cut it. I’ve wasted that much of my time just writing this.

Good luck finding a crowdsourcing idiot to do your work, and I’m sure the two of you will make a very like-minded team.


Anything to do with moving images takes time done correctly. There is a reason it costs a lot of money. If you can get it for $20, it is going to be very poor. You will never know how expensive cheap is until you tried it. Good luck with that.

I just got my $20.00 horse.

AND it works fine.

We don’t need amateurs here promoting crowdsourced garbage. In other words, goodbye. I hope your little project works out nicely.

Came here wondering what software to use.
Got sold a lemon.

Best of luck

Will someone just delete this whole thread. It’s a troll

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