Movie poster for school; help

Hello everyone,

I’m a graphic design student, first-years. And for school I have to make a movie poster with a minimum of three photos. The photos above are two movie posters I’m working on. I’m a bit stuck now. With the first photo there is only one photo and I then have to add two photos to meet my specifications. I wouldn’t know very well what other photos I should take and how I can process these photos nicely. With the other movie poster I already have two photos but it doesn’t merge nicely.

So I was wondering if you have any tips for me on how I can make one or more of these movie posters look more beautiful and make them look more like a real movie poster.

I have to take my pictures myself and I have all the adobe programs in my possession.

Thank you in advance!

First off, there’s no type. No indication of what the film is, or is about. This should be your guide to what the other imagery might be. Ultimately, it is not about making a beautiful image. It is about communicating what the film is about and making it look appealing enough that people want to part with their money to go and watch it.

Always seek solid ideas, rather than just making something look pretty. If making pretty is your goal, you should be doing fine art, not design. Design is about problem-solving and communicating.

Hope this gives you a direction to go in.

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I’m a little confused about the assignment. Do you need to make one movie poster with a minimum of three photos in the poster?

Are you required to shoot your own photos?

What is the title of the movie? What is the movie about?

How do the photos you’ve shot relate to the movie?

For example, have you researched other movie posters — a quick Google search? If so, you’ll discover a basic formula for movie posters. Most have a large dominant image. They all list the name of the movie in large type. In smaller type, they list the name of the actors. Most show the studio logo. At the bottom, in much smaller type, all the other relevant details are mentioned — usually in a block of crammed-together typography.

As @sprout said, the purpose of a movie poster is to advertise the movie to people who might be interested in seeing it. The imagery and the words on the poster should communicate this information quickly. As I mentioned, look at other movie posters. You’ll see the photos or illustrations convey a sense of what the movie is about and the movie’s personality. With only a glance, it’s possible to tell if the movie is a comedy, science fiction, an action-adventure, a romance movie, etc.

What is your movie about? Ask yourself how to communicate that information in an appealing way that will entice people to see it.


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