Multiple layer vectors to single layer

I need some direction on converting multi layer vectors to single layer.

I have AI and Corel Draw. I have tried to raster the image and trace but it loses to much clarity

Just flatten the layers, if it is appropriate to do so for your end result.

Not quite sure what you are asking though. If it’s already a multi-layer vector, why on earth would you rasterize and trace it???

If you are talking about multiple shapes on top of one another that you want to combine into one solid shape, or if you want to clip one shape to the edge of another, you can do that in Illustrator using the Pathfinder palette. Read up on it. It’s far to complex too go into in a post on a forum.

It’s not clear what you mean by this. Vector files are inherently layered. Every path you make is either above or below the others. Or are you referring to the layered groupings that you’d like to merge into one big group? Or are you, as PrintDriver asked, trying to eliminate overlaps or merge shapes?

Explaining why you’re trying to do these things might help us answer your question.

I did just that, the word I was looking for is flattened. I use a program for my laser engraver and sometimes I get Images sent to me that are in multiple layers. The program will not fill multi laered images. I assume they were just not flattened before?

Thanks for the help!

Though confusion is there, you may have a try as follows:

  • open your image and active layer plate
  • carefully check layers (already created), click on bottom one then hold the shift key and click on other layers so that all layers will become selected.
  • click on a tinny drop down icon just right-hand side of the layer plate and click on Merge Selected

I think this will help you.

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