Music composed by Artificial Intelligence

Scientists at SONY CSL Research Laboratory have created the first-ever entire songs composed by Artificial Intelligence: “Daddy’s Car” and “Mister Shadow”. Thoughts?

Something about knowing that it’s A.I. creeps me out. It’s like a celebration of lifelessness.


It almost sounds like it’s being played backwards :confused:

It’s creeping me out.


Amazing, but definitely creepy. It’s like a lifeless void pretending to have a human soul.

For them (not iraszi) to say “…entire songs…” is a bit misleading, because “Flow Machines” only composed the music. And in further reading really what was done is thousands of pages of sheet music were generated, and then taken by a Human Intelligence and refined into and actual work and then the lyrics were written and performed by Human Intelligence as well.

The AI system, called FlowMachines, works by first analyzing a database of songs, and then following a particular musical style to create similar compositions. The final result does have a human touch, however. In the case of both songs above, French composer Benoît Carré arranged the songs and wrote the lyrics – Link

Here is another sample in the style of Bach. (the comments on the video are interesting)

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