Music for Concentration

I find it easiest to concentrate to calm instrumental music with little to no lyrics, just to not get distracted. Here is a list of songs I recommend if you need to just stick your head down and get on with work.

Want Me - Affelaye
Snitch - Antonio Pinto
Florid (Brambles Remix) - Benoit Pioulard
Mirror Maru - Chasmere Cat
Mt Wolf Life Size Ghosts - Catching Flies
Cold War (Nick AM Remix) - Cautious Clay
We Can’t Be Friends - Dream Koala
Unfaith - Ekali
Mood Swings - Frederic Robinson
Symbian (Christopher Rau Remix) - Freund Der Familie
Brooklyn Baby - Frumhere
Time - Hanz Zimmer
Resonance - Home
October - Icarus
Thousand Yard Stare - Illum Sphere
Comrade - Island Fox
Another Girl - Jacques Greene
Ghostly - Jasper Ryom
At Dawn - Joe Hertz
Monsters Theme - Jon Hopkins
Sounds of Her Mind - Just A Gent
Track Uno - Kaytranda
Bus Rude - Kaytranda
Looped - Kiasmos
Trust (Christian Loffler Revision) - Max Cooper & Tom Hodge
Shifted - Mazde
Wanderlust - Melodiesinfonie
New Horizon - Moods
Love Is Real - Moods
Dryland - Nebulae
Colomb - Nicolas Jaar
Sun Models - ODESZA
How Did I Get Here - ODESZA
Sunday - Oliver Schories
Cheated - Pascaal
Drowning In You - Pascaal
Sunset Lover - Petit Biscuit
Juju - Ras G
E Isso Ai - Sango
Three Sided Shape - Scuba
Places - Shlohmo
Eiszauber - Solomun & Stimming
Truth - Submerse
Walking With Elephants - Ten Walls
I Learned - Wondr
Crunch - Xjk
Intro - The xx

Please leave any recommendations!

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I have no recommendation… just that everyone has their own list :wink:

Music can be a very personal thing. While this list works for you, it could make me want to rip my ears off :wink:

Not that it does … just an example. I am actually one who can’t really listen to music if I’m working. Unless it’s really low and in the background. I can’t be jamming out OR getting mellow either way I can’t work. I either want to go party or fall asleep lol :smiley: :wink:

I will say though I have absolutely no clue who any of those listed are.

We also have a music thread located here. You might find it interesting :slight_smile:


I’m with RKK. No music when on the computer (and especially not when doing scaling math on a computer.)
But out in the production shop? Definitely music. Classic rock or Blues with the occasional weird thing thrown in. Weeding miles of vinyl or tapping for millions of studs in silence is a good way to nod off. Bad thing to do with an Exacto knife or cordless drill in hand.

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I spent years in a private office, and I always had music playing in there. But now I work on an Engineering platform that’s an open floor where at least 3 people talking (often many more, plus speaker phones, etc.), can always be heard no matter where you are. Many of the engineers can be seen with earbuds or headphones during those times when they need to block out all that noise and control their own aural setting. I’ve tried that and can’t seem to stay with it. For some reason I now find it easier to focus on my work in the many-voices noise than with music in my ears. It kinda sucks.

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I find something like this helpful when I need to concentrate. No lyrics, and it’s not a tune that I know. Just pleasing background music that doesn’t end every 3.5 minutes.

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This list is well, but in spotify you will get more instrumental like this. Thanks for sharing though.

Moby - Long Ambients

Yay. I’m officially old. I don’t know a single one of these tracks/artists.
If I don’t work at the library I use my favorite radio station: Fip

Same here. Music of any kind breaks my concentration and I end up concentrating on the music instead of the task at hand. Now if I’m driving or riding my bike, I almost always listen to music. I’m not sure what the difference is.

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I can walk very well, and I am good at chewing gum too. Just don’t ask me to do both at the same time.

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