My 7 Mantras For Logo Design


  1. Think about what you want to say, write down the 3 most important words the logo should convey
  2. It’s all about the idea, pen and paper are your friends
  3. Make the logo work in black & white if possible, color and effects can come later
  4. Create something unique and memorable
  5. Make sure the logo works in big and small, inverted and embossed
  6. Keep it as simple as possible, remove all unimportant details
  7. Break any of the above rules only if it results in a unique and overall better design

What do you think?


Not just black and white or big and small.
The initial lockup should be vector.


All great advice. I just want to repeat … use PENCIL and PAPER first!!! Sketch, sketch, sketch and sketch some more. (okay, it doesn’t have to be pen and paper … pen and vellum, crayon and newsprint, marker and drywall … sharpie and skin. Whatever … but SKETCH!!!


I would suggest rewording “black and white” to “one color” because I have had clients think that means “black and white” like in photos which opens the door to 50 (or more) shades of grey. :slight_smile:


My first question is always ‘Who does it need to impress?’

  1. Research how well it translates across cultures if it’s going to be used globally.
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One of the best tricks I learned in school was to start by sketching really tiny pictures (because I always added too much detail). By starting off with a 2" area, I can limit the original design to something graphically and informational strong. All the glitter, glitz and… ahem, “pop” comes later.

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