My design showed up on Floyd Mayweather's Instagram account in front of his 23 million followers

I’ve decided to reach out to some Instagram account with a decent following a year ago or so. Insane Luxury had around 350k followers so I DM them.

My offer was a free logo redesign in exchange for a promotion. The promotion had gone well and I landed a few good paying gigs. I helped them look better (they are at 474k followers), made some money and we both ended up on Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram account in front of his 23 million followers (7 times). Floyd took their images and post it on hi profile, while every image contains my design.

Similar thing happened with Crown prince of Johor (Malaysia). It’s not much, but at least it’s good story for the portfolio.

Maybe someone will find inspiration or idea in this.

Thank you.

*This is my first post, please let me know if I did anything wrong. Thanks!

how can i send them my credit card info?

Who’s Floyd Mayweather?

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He’s a boxer who won 15 world titles, won bronze in the '96 Olympics, and is now a boxing promoter. He’s kind of a big deal.

Guess I’m not seeing the connection. Why did this particular individual put this ad on his Instagram? Not because of the design, I’ll wager. I guess I have a hard time grasping the secondary significance of the designer, not the product, in this kind of “followers-related” thing. Those followers might buy the product, doubtful they’ll hire the designer.
Am I missing something?
(I also have a kind of jaded outlook on the relevance of fame of others.)

It’s a story about how sometimes working for exposure on social media works. He got some paying gigs because of the exposure he got from the free work he did. Then the work ends up on Floyd Mayweather’s IG account that has 7m followers. That’s A LOT of exposure. It’s a pretty cool story.

The product got the exposure, not the designer of the ad.
I do work on projects that 10’s of millions of cable viewers see every day.
No one knows that I did it though.

What was the promotion you got in exchange? Was it just the use of your logo or were you mentioned? If it was just the use of your logo, how did the use of that logo result in the other good-paying jobs you mentioned?

Whatever the case, this is a good example of novel kinds of marketing that seemingly showed success. With all the competition out there, designers need to be creative in marketing themselves, so good job.

Yeah, that was what I was getting at in my question. Marind mentioned getting other jobs from it, and I wondered how. I see my work out about almost daily, but it’s all totally anonymous in that my name isn’t on any of it.

It’s a thing on IG. If you design an ad, logo etc, they’ll put your contact link in the bio. That’s the exposure part. Nightmarish at times if you’ve ever seen the subreddit r/choosingbeggars.


The account I’ve made the logo for posted stories and feed image with my account name. That’s how their followers reached out to me.

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I don’t understand. What is your design?

Logo design for Instagram account (left part of the image).

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I would post my cartoons on instagram but they are not ana-meh and would be deemed a foreign substance,

You can post whatever you want on Instagram.
Your cartoons aren’t as foreign a substance as some other things on there.

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I nearly choked on my tea! :smiley:

No truer words have been spoken lol :smiley:

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