My Dopey Cat 😺

Who remembers Yellow Dog from Funny Farm? He would lay by the fire and the hoomans would have to move his tail so it would stop smoking :smiley:
Well, it seems I have my own version in feline form. Abdul was on the arm of the couch, right beside me and I go to take a drink of my tea and there is his tail … right down in my cup of hot tea. So I had to remove his sopping wet tail and he is just looking at me with a “what?” look on his face. Maybe one day I’ll have a “normal” furbaby. Every animal I have ever had has been neurotic, psychotic or daft! :crazy_face:

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I have one cat with maybe 2 brain cells in his fuzzy head. They are either on or off. If both are off and his eyes are open, watch out. He can be a bulldozer with fur. 15 pounds of 1/2 maine coon and 1/2 who knows what.

The other cat is a very old soul. You know she’s lived several cat lives, probably since before the days of Cleopatra. She understands what you say to her, minds when she wants to, owns the house, and looks at all her housemates with utter disdain. And a calico to boot.

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Have you seen these?
The cat can get pretty foul in the language department but when he says, “Burn!” it always makes me laugh.
Sylvester, the talking cat:

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Owl Kitty is my new obsession. :black_heart:

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I think hooomans has 3 o’s :slight_smile:

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Owl Kitty is fab! :smiley:

I’m currently going through that play list PD. Talking Kitty is saucy for sure … but so damn funny :smiley: I swear he sounds like how I’m sure mine would talk back to me :smiley: LOLOL

Always reminds me of this oldie but goodie :smiley:

and Neverman… I still haven’t gotten my cat speak perfected lol :smiley:


This is classic!!!:rofl:

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