My Favorite Font Site

This is still and will always be my favorite site for inspiration and to drool over delicious fonts :heart::heart:

A few examples of their users submissions … they are just divine! The Gallery is amazing if you ever want to get lost for a while :slight_smile:



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I’ve always been intrigued by the Letterhead Fonts’ website too. In many instances, it’s not the typefaces themselves as much as it is how they’ve been used on the site. It’s a bit like stepping back to a modernized, digital version of the 1880s.

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I love Letterhead Fonts. I’ve bought from them quite a bit. You also get a gift when you buy and often that’s another font. My only complaint is that they’re mostly all caps. For the price, I’d like more lowercase options.

On the flip side of that though, their font “Desire” has over 900 characters. One of my favorites is Heller’s, both the casual and the script. It has a lowercase and is just a beautiful, well-crafted font.

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