My first graphics design

What was the design brief that led you to this conclusion?
Without that, we can’t give you a critique.

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Also … be careful with using stock images. You can’t use them in a logo. That winged heart is all over the internet :wink:

And without knowing any reasoning for your piece, the only other thing I will say is lose the blurring shadow. It makes it hard to read.

Other than that … Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:


I don’t know the story behind the design, so I can’t really comment on how well your work does the job it was meant to do.

One thing I can say, though, is that it’s generally not advisable to decorate typography too much since doing so impairs its readability.

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With no knowledge on the reason for this design, I would revisit this. There are currently 5 different types of illustration/style going on here with no uniformity among it.

The wings are a flat illustration, the main heart is super detailed in a smoothened ‘pop art’ sort of style, David J Ihuah can only be read based on the 3D effect, with the 3D effect in the next line going in the other direction and completely different style… then the 2nd heart is just a linear gradient along with the ellipses. Then there’s the whole light source on the period of ‘J’, which is an entirely different effect and does not blend well with any of the other styles…

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I was told to design something with an image of a heart with wings and that was the name I was told to use. Plus, “a man after God’s heart” is also included.

Oh, thanks a lot for that. I’ll refrain from using stock images.

Oh, all right. Thanks a lot, I’m new in this. I guess I’ll design another and send to you for accessment.

Thanks a lot.

So is it a logo or is it a “sig”?

Graphic design has a purpose behind it, a message to convey.
If this is just sig art, as long as it pleases you, it’s fine.
As a logo, there is a lot more wrong with it than using stock art.

I made this for a friend, he’s taking it as both a signature and a logo. Please, tell me my mistakes. I’d love to improve.

Simplify. There’s too much stuff going on here and it’s all competing with each other for attention.

So this was a “job”? Not an assignment?

If it was a job your client did half the work telling you all the things to include. It’s really your job to know his business goal and then you tell him what the design will be. This design doesn’t really explain anything. Is he a preacher? Why is he a man after God’s heart? What will this be used on? Tshirts?

If it was an assignment it’s not a good one. Again we don’t usually get told what pieces to use to make a product. Other than the product itself.

Like others have said, it’s pretty unreadable. One of my instructors told us, “The goal of words is to be readable”.
There are 2 parts of graphic design: the logo and the way to sell the product, such as an ad, packaging or outreach.
From now on when approaching your designs:
Define the clients business
Define their customers
Tell their customers what to do, why to buy this.

in the future design a project that looks like we spent an hour on.
and something that the client cannot create. (smiley face)
i hope this helps.

Can you please give some feedback on my post…I really want some one guidance…

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