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Guys…how do I get my visual thinking and concept on, I really go blank atimes when am starting to have good designs

Just look around you, everything you see it’s a concept, us graphic designers we don’t get ideas from nowhere, we do research, we observe the surrounding, and sometimes we get ideas from going to the grossery store, or just from a walk to the park :sweat_smile: People can agree or disagree with me tho, but that’s my opinion.


Naby Ok. So if I want to design a logo I can just walk around and with my sketch book and ideas can walk in?

For a logo you should be doing far more than just walking around waiting for an idea to enter your head. Logo design is an active engagement between designer and client that requires thought and research and some knowledge of general design theory (plus a whole lot more knowledge of the marketing and technical aspects of logo usage.)

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@PrintDriver Totally agreed with you, it depends from project to project, I even mention research, cause when it comes to logo design, it is far more deep then putting some lines and forms together.

Know the problem that needs to be solved.

Know the goal of the project.

Know the client.

Know the unique selling proposition.

Know the target market.

Know what makes the target market respond.

The point is this. Ideas don’t develop in a vacuum. You have to understand what you’re trying to communicate and who you’re trying to communicate to. After that, always start with paper and pencil.

Can you teach me those

No. You can go to school though.


I’ve moved all your recent posting to the Student Forum as you seem to be just dipping your toe in. None of these questions are just one sentence answers.

We are not teachers. You need to find yourself a school either brick and mortar or online so you can start learning the basics and find out where you want to go. At the very least start watching some tutorials. I suggest something like or even Youtube has tuts. for beginners. Folks here come to help out when someone is stuck or needs a little help with something technical. We do not teach from start to finish. That is up to you.

Good luck with everything. :slight_smile:

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