My Motion Design Work Show And Tell!

Hi motion design friends.

Here’s a little show and tell of some motion graphic stuff I have done. Some professional some just for fun.

So here’s a intro I made for a cooking show: BFAM Cooking:
They wanted their logo animated and this is what I made for them via After Effects:

Here’s a toon animated intro for a baking show:

Here’s a quick car accident animation i did for a law group.

Finally a quicky commercial I made for myself:

Please let me know what you think of this stuff. I want to do more, feel free to suggest ideas of something fun for me to make.




cool stuff Line :slight_smile:

Looks good to me.

This is off subject … but … I need to ask a question. What is that free use song on Gretchen’s Bakery? Tons of folks use it and I have no idea what the name of it is.

Thanks @RedKittieKat haha, that’s “Carefree” from my friend Kevin MacLeod :smiley: His music is free in mostly any use as long as you credit him in the project. You can find it here:


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I see his name on a lot of free use music. Nice he does that :slight_smile:

This is a popular one for sure :smiley:

Looks nice Mark! :grinning:

Thanks LandOfFae :slight_smile:

Try some easy ease keyframes

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Hiya, I have but the ease is just not as nice as the ease in / out slider in Adobe flash / Adobe animate.

Or perhaps it is and I just don’t grasp the bezier curves for it.

I guess I’ll have to watch a tutorial.


The graph editor takes a lifetime to get the hang of :pensive: you tried after effects?
Keep the animations coming!

Oh yes :smiley: After Effects is the program I’m referring to in regards to the easy ease and learning of bezier curves… I still haven’t checked into it since my post lol . I guess that will be a today thing!

What program did you use?

He said he uses After effects a couple of times.

Duh. I must’ve skimmed over the posts too haphazardly. I’m a clumsy reader, mostly attracted to bright, shiny, moving things.