My new landing page theme

Hi, let me know what do you like my brand new landing page and what should I add to it. I created a new Drupal theme for it. Web page is mainostoimisto joensuu

Hi Jonny and welcome to the forum.

My first impression is that it was a clubbing site or nightlife oriented site.
I didn’t realize it was for an advertising agency until I clicked translate into English.

Haha, before I even saw what the site was for, I also thought it was a nightlife directory. I think it’s nice overall, with the eye catching color scheme and the motion but I think it would definitely serve a better purpose else ware.

Your site looks good but it kinda plain. The color that you used on your landing page are shades of violet and pink try adding different colors to your site to make it more eye catching.

Good, but background color is not much attractive for visitors.

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