My page is redirected to another site

hi there.
i have analysed my website with seobility
i have noticed that one of my page redirected to gravatar :expressionless:
how fix this?
i have checked Yoast Seo redirects and page coding, i cant find the link to remove.
please help me find and remove external link.

Your site is built in Wordpress, but I’m not a Wordpress expert. I can’t read Persian either, so I can’t type in the link to the page with the problem as shown on your screen capture. The following is my best guess, but someone else here might have more knowledgable insight.

A link on one of your pages to is being redirected to the German version of Gravatar. This is not a problem with your website — it’s a redirect being made by the Gravatar server.

Do you know what Gravatar is? Just in case you don’t, Gravatar is a free service that enables people to choose an avatar for themselves that is displayed when they post a comment on a blog that supports Gravatar. The links to retrieve those avatars always points to

You have a blog on your site that enables people to reply to your posts, so links to Gravatar that are calling in Gravatar avatars are to be expected.

Since I’m in the United States, all links to are redirected to the English version of Gravator — You live in Iran, so your Gravatar links, for reasons I don’t know, are being redirected to the German version of Gravatar ( since, I suspect, there is not an Iranian Gravator. Again, this is something that Gravatar is doing. It is not a problem with the code on your website.

This is not a serious problem, however, but an SEO analysis will identify it as an optimization issue since any image retrieval (in this case a Gravatar avatar) that involves a redirect causes a small time lag of a few milliseconds. Again, this is not a serious problem — it’s just something that Gravatar does.

A few Google searches for Gravatar redirects points to workarounds and plugins that resolve the problem. Here’s one:

Personally, if it were me and I was running your website, I would ignore this very small problem. If your blog posts had dozens of comments from readers, each having a link to a Gravatar avatar, it might be a bigger cumulative problem worth mitigating with a Wordpress plugin. This doesn’t appear to be the case with your blog, however, so, like I said, I would ignore it.

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i found the problem brother.
gravatar commented on that page. i moved that to trash.
fixed the problem.
this is that page:مصرف-کراتین/
that was a simple problem that i did not noticed. :expressionless: :sweat_smile:
thanks for hint and guide.
can you please tell me where can i get free dofollow backlinks? i really need that also.

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I’m glad you figured it out. :smiley:

As far as I know, this problem may be happening because of misplacement in the WordPress file directory. I had a similar problem to that (not the same) all my pages were redirecting to the homepage.

Well, rather than being a WordPress Expert by myself, I hired a developer to clear the problem for me and that worked well. I suggest you spend some money and get a better and safe service fast and in a secure way.

You’ll find some professionals here: psdtowpservice. com

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