My podcast

Hey, second episode to my podcast is up, you should give it a listen and hit me up with your suggestions Spotify

It’s awesome that you’ve created your own podcast - what inspired you to do that?

I think you’ve got some talent to pull to together the audio, it sounds nice.

That said, I think you kinda ramble a bit bro.

Have you thought about interviewing someone or maybe having a very specific topic to talk about?

When I listen to podcasts I’m driven more by what the topic is and it’s relevance to me. Even if it’s someone I like to listen to, I won’t listen to it unless it’s about something that takes my interest.

Thanks a lot for the honesty bro, i actually plan on interviewing people and i wanted it to be a personal journal. i would definitely take your advice on speaking on specific topics but i dont want to talk just on design, wanna include certain life lessons and motivation

That’s cool man, what type of people would you like to listen to your podcast and why are you doing it?

basically, people my age thinking and looking out for oppourtunities and long term goal settings, also i would be checking out various hidden hangout session in my country first, basically selling perpective on whats cool or not thats all. i would also want to use the avenue to sell my skills as a designer.

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