My stump don't fit Friday

Unseasonably warm today in Upstate NY. It’s 47 and the Hudson River is covered in pea soup. I am heading out for a ride just to get some air without my longs freezing (that was a strange typo should be lungs but I’ll leave it).

However I did notice that my stump was fitting very loosely in my prosthetic though. Give a unique perspective on male shrinkage.

Happy Friday


lmao … I thought that was only supposed to happen in cold temps :wink:


Anyhoo … enjoy your ride. I’m gonna go out a bit later … last minute shopping stuffs.

It’s up to 50° over here … .amazing!

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***snicker *** :joy::joy::joy:

It was in the mid 60’s here in Jersey. Highly unusual. The local Italians started to flock to Belmar (instinctively of course), drank heavily, and then local authorities had to remove their frozen, shirtless, bodies from the streets the following morning.

I used this time to replace the radiator and power steering pump in my Jeep. And then make additional repairs when the first attempt failed.

The fitting issue with the prosthetic is interesting. Did the doctors ever mention such issues? What’s going to happen when summer rolls around? Is it adjustable? I STILL think you should push for sci-fy inspired robotic version. Bionic police officers and vigilante crime fighters are in super high demand.

They did tell me to expect all kinds of changes. The actual leg and ankle are adjustable. In fact my ankle is pretty advanced and can be modified many different ways… The portion that the residual portion of my lower leg that goes into would however need to be rebuilt. It is molded Kevlar. My stump does change throughout the day depending on weather activity and etc. There is a series of different weight socks that act as spacing. The summer is very challenging and kinda gross actually. The interior liner is made of gel and does not breath. On the warmer days I can pour a significant amount of hydration out of it.


Oh, that was funny! :smiley:

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