My Wacom tablet is getting weird

My Wacom Intuos 3 is definitely old and barely useful. Should I get a Mac Pencil and a expensive iPad or buy a new Wacom tablet?

Expensive is relative.
Do you need a new computer device, or just a tablet? Whether or not your current computer is near the end of its life cycle, that would be a consideration.

Depends on what you mostly use it for. The iPad option won’t be much if you’re mostly doing graphic design, but if you’re doing a lot of illustration, the iPad would be good.

Would love to get an ipad and start drawing in ProCreate, but I believe it would also make me a lazier person because I tend to get stuck on the couch. Having a pc workstation at least makes me feel like I have somewhat of a workspace. Especially after work, I don’t want to fall asleep and make a separation between the two. The ipad is useful for doing sketching and work inbetween tasks, whenever you feel like relaxing a bit aswell. Also it’s a big plus for your commute to work because that’s usually a lot of time lost… Heard a lot of great things about the iPad but to me it isn’t a replacement for my computer, just an expensive addition and gadget.

I use the Wacom mostly for silhouetting people and objects in Photoshop. So I guess the iPad wouldn’t work. My computer is fairly new and the Wacom is old. I see people selling used Intuos5 tablets on eBay for $175 or so, I suppose I should do that.

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