My Wife, The Savant

You saw her painting not too long ago. I told her to pick her best portraits. She chose these, but i’m certain she has even better ones.

Never went to school. Her technique is rather the opposite of anything i’ve learned. And, still to this day, I could not draw a portrait nearly this well.



Definitely impressive. Wow! I suppose, it’s not so much the technique of getting there that matters; it’s the end result.

Anyway, like you mentioned about being taught, I was taught to focus on laying down big areas of color and shading, then gradually building up levels of detail across the piece without getting caught up in finishing one part ahead of the others. Looks like your wife does exactly the opposite, which doesn’t seem to interfere with the outcome. Like I said, Wow!

Wow. @Biggs Those are awesome. I’m jealous of her talent.

These are great!!

Nicely done! I’m impressed.

Beautifully done! She has powerful skills! :slight_smile:

Yawn. If she was like 5 years old … OK maybe I’d be impressed.

And a little disturbed at the same time.

Isn’t anyone going to take this shot?

I was trying not to swear.


Why waste a perfectly good bullet? :neutral_face:

Wow so creative, how this kind of detail can be made by hand, so eye impressed painting, really appreciate it.

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Amazing! I am just a new artist and such high-quality works inspire me to continue working.

I suspect it’s a reaction to the chosen subject matter. Frankly, in that sense I’d concur, despite my envy of the ample ability.

I really admire her prowess with color pencils. I do not have the patience. I like to get water involved and make it do the heavy lifting.

That was a peculiar reply. He/she is a rather active member - and quite honestly, everyone is entitle to their fair reply, He didn’t have to like it, but the word choice was odd to say the least.

You might be interested in this subsequent thread.

Interesting. Am I mistaken, or is this behavior grossly out of character for that member? I do recall him being a rather active member without any prior issue. Oh well, what can ya do?

Nope … he was banned from the old GDF too. He asked to come back and promised to be good yadda yadda. He could manage it for just so long then the demon would rear it’s ugly head.

I think I got banned too for swearing. I promise i will not eat pancakes. Biggs that one on the upper left corner I would frame. Just something about it that draws me in.

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