My YouTube Channel need suggestion

Hi guys, i just started my Youtube channel (Design Hearts 设计之心).
Please tell me anything i can improve and love to share Saving The Planet By Graphic Design and 1 Subscribe 1 LOVE for EARTH

Pick one idea and stick with it.
Don’t interrupt one idea with the other.
1subscribe1loveforearth doesn’t even make sense and it is smack in the middle of your (?)logo(?)

Thank for the ideal, will do something with it. Appreciated

That makes no sense to me at all. And in all honesty showing a desk and light fixtures with a few plants scattered around does not say anything about “earth” to me.

Are you designing only for earth related things? I’m trying to figure out why you mention that.

I agree with everyone else.

The design looks great at first glance — nice personality, nice composition, soothing emotional quality, and nice typography.

However, once I get past those initially favorable impressions, the design doesn’t make much sense. Potted plants, light bulbs, mentions of “Design Hearts” (whatever that is), and the mysteriously ambiguous “1 subscribe” and “1 love for earth” — it all adds up to something that looks nice, but it leaves me wondering what everything means.

Thank you so much RedKittieKat and Just-B for the suggestion and advice, im very new in GDF and this is my fisrt time to post my work, i didnt go into detail about what im posted. Actually that is my Youtube Banner image and first video on Youtube base on it to get a good started. YES im designing only for earth related things. Graphic + go green, messages and deliver them to everyone, because “LIFE” matters, that is main my concept. i will show some images base on my Youtube video. Hope can get more support to make me keep going on.

Thank you very much and please stay safe. Peace!

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