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I’m putting together a personal brand identity and I found two fonts that I love on I need them for both desktop and website use, but is there really no way around having to buy two separate licenses? To clarify, I’m not asking to illegally source the fonts or to use without permission, I’m just wondering if there’s some sort of hybrid license that would work for both uses. Does anyone have experience with myfonts licenses and how to use them in multiple formats? I would be using the fonts on my personal portfolio website and then for business cards, flyers, stationery, etc.

It looks like MyFonts offers a 50% discount on combo licenses.
Help « MyFonts

As for any answer beyond that, you may have to contact them cuz it may be a font/foundry-based answer.
Contact « MyFonts

(Huh funny they are right up the street from me, in a manner of speaking. LOL)

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Alright, in that case it may still be a worthwhile investment to just buy both licenses for each font.

As someone who sells fonts on MyFonts, MyFonts has its own licensing requirements. They convert the OTF or TTF desktop fonts to WOFF (web fonts) themselves. If you buy fonts from them, you’re stuck with their licensing arrangements, which the originating foundry must agree to before MyFonts lists their fonts.

However, have you considered reaching out to the original designer or foundry? Nothing prevents them from selling their fonts outside of MyFonts. For example, I have my same fonts listed with several different online distributors.

For that matter, MyFonts takes an exorbitant 50% cut from every font they sell, whereas FontSpring, for example, takes only 30%. In other words, most small independent foundries would be happy to sell you fonts outside MyFonts since they won’t have to pay MyFont’s crazy high commissions.

Of course, if the fonts you need are big-foundry Monotype-owned entities, well, you’re stuck with MyFonts since Monotype owns MyFonts. However, if it’s a small foundry font, I’d consider contacting them since they’ll likely be inclined to work with you on the pricing.

I’ll try that. Unfortunately, one font only seems available from myfonts though.

What font is it?

The font that only seems available through myfonts is Chiffon by SilkType. Their instagram link just directs to their myfonts page.

Also available at: - Chiffon
Linotype - Chiffon
Fontshop - Chiffon

I’m unsure how interested you might be in tracking it down, but SilkType appears to be the name used by Rakel Tómas or Rakel Tómasdóttir, a designer in Reykjavik. She’s easy enough to locate with a Google search.

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