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I’m doing a brand identity project for a Mexican restaurant. The original name was Cabos Tacos, but I decided to re-do it. I wanted to come up at least twenty different names. Some of these names are in Spanish( I did look up the meaning). I also tried to put words together. The restaurant is a lot healthier then your traditional ones as “they”(fake clients) grill their food. There’s also vegan options and seafood options. I did made an entire brand brief. Here are the ten names I did come up with:

  1. Sana Mexican restaurant
  2. Fresco Mexican restaurant
  3. La Tequila Mexican restaurant
  4. Avocados Jalapeños
  5. Aztequila Mexican restaurant
  6. Mexiesta Mexican restaurant
  7. El guesto de México restaurant
  8. Casa de México
  9. Baja Mexican restaurant
  10. La parrilla restaurant
    For number nine the restaurant location is in Baja, California. I’m trying to come up with more but, for now which ones do you think is the strongest? or do you think I need to keep working on the name?

el-Wall? el-Schmall!
“Fine Authentique Mexican Cuisine” no matter who is los Heffi!
we deliver!

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might use part of that as a slogan

I suggest:

Mexican Grub

I don’t think it matters. Graphic designers are rarely consulted on business names. That’s almost always decided before a business owner contacts us, so we just need to work with whatever name they’ve already decided upon.

There are agencies that serve as consultants and researchers for new brand names — especially for international companies where language and cultural issues might make some names less appropriate than others. Even then designers aren’t typically consulted about it.

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taco gato

Then you lose the palindrome. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m going to go with one of my mine, which fresco Mexico.

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