Name/keywords for this digital art style?

Hi there, I love this guy’s digital art and have been searching for similar style stock art I can buy and drop our product into (street/park scenes, balcony with view - a budget for commissioning specially isn’t on the cards unfortunately). My searches just don’t show the same style of art. Hoping someone might know if there is a specific name / keywords for the style? Many thanks for reading, Benjamin
PS I hope I’m in the right forum category

These are very nice photographs. Where did yo find them? I’d be interested in checking out the photographer’s work. The top image has a Wes Anderson look to it that is totally appealing to me.

To your question, I’d search for minimalist architectural photography or modern architectural photography or modern minimalist architectural photography. You might have to search one of the premium RF or RM sites like Getty. Here’s something in a similar vein at Getty.

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Hi Steve, thanks for your response. This is Massimo Colonna’s work - came across him on instagram. He specialises in post production and 3D renders to produce these images. Wes Anderson is the first thing I thought of too! I’ve started using some of the keywords you mentioned and feel like we’re getting closer already so thanks again - much appreciated.

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