Name that style!

Can you guys help me out with this style?

What is this style called? How do you create simple designs like this? It appears to come from using many circles, but how does one even begin to figure out how to take an illustration and simplify it like this? I want to learn this style because I find it interesting and challenging.

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I don’t think it is a “style”. It’s a simple line drawing. All you need is a good handle on the pen tool and imagination.

Thanks for welcoming me!

I’ll keep working at mastering the Pen tool

Most of what people are calling “styles” would be better described as “techniques.”

You could probably achieve this particular technique easier (without using the pen tool) just by using the circle (ellipse) tool with the Transform>Divide function, and then deleting the unwanted lines. Use the Align function to get perfect symmetry.

One begins by having an interest and some initial talent. After that, it takes years of education and practice to learn how to see, draw and design all kinds of things. It’s a constant journey of improvement, critiques, self-criticism and ongoing effort. At some point along the way, one develops a style and proceeds to work with and improve it.

Hint: there’s no magic software button for it.

Yeah, I know there’s no button for it otherwise I would have found it in the last 6 years.

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I’m sorry if I assumed from your question that you were an beginner looking for an easy button. We get lots of people here looking for exactly that.

Like you, I do appreciate the talent that goes into an illustration like the one you posted. I’m constantly amazed by some illustrator’s abilities to boil things down to a few lines that say so much and seem so right. They make it look easy, when I know full well that it’s not.

For what it’s worth, I ran across this a few months ago:

Geometric art? Geometric shapes used to depict form???

Reminds me one of my heroes … Charley Harper … and his wonderful illustrations.

…inspired me to create my series of birds.

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I’ve always loved his work! There just isn’t as much good illustration as there used to be. It’s just easier and cheaper to use photos now days, which is really too bad.

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