Neat little simulator



ok it’s neat but
I’m rookie at photography, what’s it supposed to do?
Are you supposed to replace the cartoon etc with your own photos

Actually the cartoon is not particularly important. This is giving a general representation for a particular lens and what depth of field will look like when your subject is at a particular distance as it relates to lens aperture. I had a really hard time grasping this specifically after getting some lenses with larger aperture abilities. I research a lot before purchasing and read a bunch of bad customer reviews(most of them user error). One thing I have noticed is a lot of people go out and purchase a lens with a big aperture (small f number) only to be disappointed because images only have gotten worse. I was guilty myself . I just started buying fast prime lenses and was struggling with soft images at large apertures. My 25mm/35mm/50mm f1.2ish lenses are fabulous lens @f4 or f5. There are so many factors other than aperture to consider.

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That’s pretty cool, Willy! I’ve bookmarked this to play around with later. I really like how it shows the front and side view representations of the depth of field.

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This simulator can teach more in 5 minutes than what my photography teacher taught me in a week of art school decades ago.

This is a fun gadget! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to share with my classes. :slight_smile: Thanks, Willyflew.

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