Need a blank template for a 270 pages book cover

hi everyone,
im looking for a blank template (only the guide lines of the cover, backcover, and spline) for my book which is A5 Format 270 pages if anyone can help me it would be highly apprecited

Book layout specifications depend on the minimum requirements of the printer/publisher for the type of book being printed and the binding methods being used.

There isn’t a universal template that is appropriate for all situations. You should ask the printer/publisher. If you don’t have a publisher lined up, now’s the time to figure that out before you lay out the book and find that the layout doesn’t meet their specs.

How does one produce a 270-page book? I’d like to know.

It’s gonna depend on paper weight and also whether it will be threadsewn or not.
Plus type of glue like PurBind etc.

A printing company can guide you and even send you a blank dummy with a cover drawn on so you can see it all in action.

A page stuck to the inside of both covers?

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Now I know.

ok for now i just want to have that template so i can draft my cover ince its quite a complex desing. i dont care if the dimensions are not right since it mostly to have a visual representation and be able to try ting out before i start the real work. tahnks for ypur answer

i dont understand what you mean?

270 is not divisible by 4.
design your book cover proportional to A5 format. Allow for trim.
For the spine, How tall is 270 pieces of paper (in the weight you plan to use)? Go measure some books. Then add at least 4-6mm if you plan on hardbinding the book.
That’ll get you close enough to get started.

A good rule of thumb for all designers is, “think finishing before beginning.” You really should explore how you are getting this printed before committing much beyond sketches. Unless you are into do-overs.

Hardcovers I always have 20mm bleed.

With all the respect, I can’t believe how peoples are stuck on their idea and can’t understand something so simple. That being said I posted else where and had the chance to meet someone who understood by the first time and provide me a link to a A5 format book cover blank template. No it probably won’t be the one I’m gonna use for my final work but to draft things out it’s gonna be perfect then when I come to printing I gonna réalise the final work base on the requirements of the printer I chose. Thanks to everyone who tried to help

Hard to understand how you need a template.
It’s A5 - so you need 2 x A5 pages - one for front and one for the back.
And then a smaller width for the spine (not spline).

We gave you the accurate information to source the correct template.
But if you wanted a ready-made-solution you should have asked.

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A5 is A5 with or without a template. The only reason anyone (that’s you) could have for mentioning the number of pages (or even seeking a ‘template’ for that matter), is to arrive at a spine measurement (a variable, separate from the standard A5 dimension). So in the interest of offering a quality response, it was pointed out that a spine measurement could not be calculated solely on number of pages. No one was “stuck on their idea,” they were stuck on yours.

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if you take the time to read in my second message i tell that i dont care about dimension. but whatever now i have it. to me a good answer is provide by understanding what people need. anyways have a nice one and again thanks for your help

You say you got the answer you were looking for from somewhere else, but you never shared it with us.

We are professional designers and we think about the finished product well.before advancing to design.

There’s lots of things to consider.

You even said you didn’t care about dimensions, but it’s a complex design.

If it’s complex then theore accuracy at draft is more desirable.

If you can share your answer here so we can see what we missed.

At the end of the day we all tried to help you.

Unless I’m missing something, the dimensions are literally the most important part of a template. :thinking:

Yep, each post renders the one before it moot.

Give it up. The OP seems to be happy with what he has.
Could be an e-book. Then the spine or odd number of pages doesn’t matter. LOL!

Eh they wanted to know the spline!
No wonder they went elsewhere… geez

Is this the answer?

a spline is a special function defined piecewise by polynomials. In interpolating problems, spline interpolation is often preferred to polynomial interpolation because it yields similar results, even when using low degree polynomials, while avoiding Runge’s phenomenon for higher degrees.

I hate splines. If I have to put your logo back together because your draftsman sent splines instead of polylines and he can’t fix it, yeah…“set-up charge.”

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