Need A GREAT stylus and pad

Hey all, I posted this in response to someone else, but took that thread a little off topic doing so:

I’ve never used a pad but want to.

I went to school for Illustration and Fine Art and after about 10 years moved into design. But I’d like to reincorporate my drawing abilities. I’m looking for one with as much range as possible (meaning ability to capture very fine lines and pressure input.

Money is not a factor (because I know I will use it a lot) so I want to go with something really good (but not ridiculous or "over’ priced).

Any suggestions?

Wacom is king because they have the holy grail patent for a battery-less stylus. They are pricey but built to last. Check out their intous series.

Though if you are okay switching up your workflow, I’d recommend the new iPad Pro + Apple Pencil2 along with a 3rd party paper textured film cover. The film screen cover really makes it feel like you are drawing on paper and Apple got around the “don’t forget to charge your stylus” issue with wireless charging built into the magnetic holder

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Thank you!

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