Need a lil Help

hi guys
i’m a beginner and i have a problem with design logos , every time i read i brief about logo design i do search for ideas based of some key words in the briefing then when a good idea pops up in my mind and start to put it on illustrator the final logo looks ugly ,
has anyone went thru this problem ? and how i can overcome it ?
thanks in advance

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The major problem you are having is that logo design is not a beginning endeavor. In fact a lot of professional designers avoid doing logos on purpose.There’s a lot that goes into a logo beyond a simple search for ideas based on keywords. There is market research, both client-side and their clientele-side. Lots of marketing theory and accountability. You are basically making the face for someone’s business. Part of their success will depend on how good you are. That’s not a place for a beginner to be. I’m a firm believer that designers who design logos should have to carry malpractice insurance.

The second problem you are having is going straight to the computer when you come up with an idea. Instead of doing that, get a pencil and paper and just sketch logos that come to mind. The idea is to get past all the bad ideas and all the cliches before even attempting to commit a design to the computer software.

The third problem, as a beginner you might not know the software well enough and you let it limit your output. Instead, bring one or two of your sketches through to a color rendering, either with color pens or pencils and think on paper how you want to finish it. Then find tutorials that will show you how to make the software do what you want, instead of using only what you know. It takes hours and hours of learning the software to make it do what you want it to do. Do not let it limit you to what you know.

If you can’t draw, Learn. I’m also a firm believer that a designer needs to know how to draw rough sketches at the very least. Learning to draw teaches you how to “see” how objects interrelate to each other. You can’t do this job without that “seeing” skill.

GDF should have a thread called Golden Rules, in which case this should be on it.

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almasrimido are you looking to design logos for contest / crowd sourcing sites like 99 designs?

thanks for replay :slight_smile:
i do sketch, yes my sketch isn’t perfect but i’m working on it too :slight_smile: , and i’m joining logo design contests to practice what i have learned ,

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thanks for suggesting this site Steve :slight_smile:

Good Idea

Good goin’ Steve-O. Leading another one astray. LOL.

Almasrimido, we don’t condone the predatory practices of contest sites. Logo design can’t be done properly at what those sites pay, and also, only one contestant gets paid though there may be dozens doing the work for the hope of getting paid. That’s a lot of work to do for nothing.

To say nothing of the client getting the short end of the stick if the crowdsource designer has no idea what they are doing. But in the end, they get what they pay for. Maybe.

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i totally agree with you, and add to that almost everyone joins this contest copy someone design , so they are just stealing someone else effort ,

Yeah, that came back to bite me in the back side.

Should post your designs, the brief and pictures of your process that way people here can narrow down what your issue might be.

From your post it could literally be anything

I truly hate those sites!!! Whomever developed Fiver, I know it’s not a contest site, but still, Uggg!!.. The sad part is that designers actually participate. Have a little self respect and work for more than $5… I’d rather go get a job somewhere than be taken advantaged of by those sites. Ridiculous!!

Honestly not all bad in my opinion, especially for someone thats starting out in branding. I think a lot of people have pointed out on this site that branding is not for beginners. But if thats the case you have to start somewhere and using the (minimal) briefs provided to try and create something is a good way to practice your design skills at least in my opinion.

I also believe logo design is a really good way to practice as it encompasses everything from research, typography, graphics, concept development ect ect and makes it so you have to incorporate everything in a very minimal fashion and still get your message across. So though i’d rather use my time to try and make money off sites like those it was still good practice.

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