Need a program to save some time on logo design?

Hey guys free invite to this new program Kittl, you can sign up for free and design some stuff that may save you time. I DO NOT SUGGEST using this exlusively! You should be working on Adobe Ilustrator, but the cool thing is this program exports SVG files and you can edit on Illustrator afterwards.

Again, do your due diligence, sketch / craft / test your marks like good little boys and girls. But if you suck and are just starting, this may help:


I’d never use anything like that - especially off an invite of someone I don’t know and something looking for my email and contact info before being allowed.

I use the industry-standard software.

Well it was from Heritage Designer that got bought out by kittl. Heritage Designer was made by Heritage Type which has some real classy font faces. I have bought a couple fonts like milkshake.

It isn’t like canva or wix logo designer. This is more in depth and has a lot of the same effects as illustrator. More for the newcomers Smurf, your a grand master lol.

I use CC suite all day, but when I am at my day job teaching my students, on break I can throw something together to test ideas on that pc…

I might be doing it 25 years, but I’m not an old man. I started when I was 16/17.

If you want to go ahead and use non-industry standard software that’s completely up to you.

When it comes to the client going to a printers to get it printed and getting file formats that are not compatible - your client will incur the extra charges.

Do you think your client will like that?

It’s not as simple as saying you can export a PDF or a EPS etc. because opening these types of files in Illustrator if not created in Illustrator causes all sorts of unforeseen issues.

Even if you can’t see it on the screen - on the output through a RIP it could be a crapshoot.

So - you can of course do whatever you please, and use any software you like.

But we stopped accepting PDFs made in Canva as they are a crapshoot - we won’t print them because they have issues in the printing process.

We tell our clients, they are not happy, and we give them the choice.

  1. Try another printers and they will give you the same issue
  2. We can recreate it for a fee and print it perfectly.

It’s also explained to the client that if we did print from their Canva file they are likely to see printing issues which we are not going to accept as our error.
They can proceed if they wish, but they will incur 100% of the reprinting.

And the 2nd choice is usually accepted.

I don’t know if I call myself a Master - but certainly I do know how to cover my arse.
And that’s something you will learn the more you do.

Good luck.

I agree. But the file format I suggested to export is SVG which can be opened and edited in illustrator just fine. It was meant as another tool in the bag to use in a pinch. Not as a means to replace Illustrator.

I usually make all my stuff by hand any way, but I am not a hand drawn letter master, this program has some great assistance to begin that and finish in Illustrator. When you work 3 jobs like me (Instructor, Electrician and Graphic Designer) you have to make it work in a short amount of time.

Time is a luxury for me. As we speak I am designing a cover image for a single for the next Street Fighter vs SNK release (Videogame) which I have until 3pm to complete, as I have to go work on a gig. Its tough so I use tools to help manage time.

I am 40 and have been designing since 18 years old on and off. But I also do not consider myself a master, I can make a mean design but I have much to learn still…

SVG would not be good for Logo design - as there is no support for CMYK or Pantone, it only supports RGB or sRGB (I can’t remember exactly).

Why start in a different program then port it to another one? Seems like a waste of time.

But whatever works for you.

I can’t imagine the Kittl website as a logo design tool. From what I can tell, it’s a bit like Canva; users take someone else’s designs then modify them within the parameters set by the behind-the-scenes program.

do sites like those explain you can’t trademark something like that?
If they don’t, I’m sorely tempted to do a bunch of their templated designs, trademark em then sue the crap outta anyone who has the same logo (yeah, I know, you can’t trademark that easily, but it’s fun to consider it.)

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The subhead on the home page says “Browse thousands of ready to use designs and start designing like a Pro.” They don’t see the contradiction there?

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Do it PrintDriver lmfao

Steve… its “like” a pro… :sweat_smile:

Pros made the templates lmfao

No. They didn’t. Any template I’ve ever had the displeasure of using are riddled with production issues, include Adobes

Try to expert in illisterator and photoshop for become best logo designer.

ya, if you are designing logo lockups in photoshop, yer doin’ it WRONG.

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