Need an incognito logo

There is the main construction company that has several entities/companies.
They would like to have a logo that incorporates all of the entities incognito.

Incognito must mean something else now days than it used to. :slight_smile: incognito = having one’s identity concealed. Why would they want a logo that hides who they are?

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Thank you for the correction. I am glad that you understood thou what I meant.

I am not sure why the hidden logos…

Do you have experience in this type of request?

Thank you for the clarification.
I am not sure why the hidden entities…
Something different I am guessing. Do you have experience in this type of request?

Are you sure there isn’t a translation or spellcheck error going on, either here or in the original brief?
It sounds more like they want a logo that combines all “in total” not “in cognito” IOW, one logo for all entities that maybe combines elements from all (almost always a bad idea, BTW.)

Their request seems vague and unclear.

Maybe you’d want to go back to them for clarification, to keep you from putting a lot of time into this and having them reject it.

It’s happened to me, so now I always make sure I understand exactly what the requester wants.

I’m a bit confused. Did you mean to post this in classifieds? Are you looking to hire a designer? Or are you a designer looking for help understanding the brief?

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Moving this out of Classifieds until we know what’s going on here :wink:

If you are requesting a logo please re-post in Classifieds with your email for people to contact you privately as we don’t want open discussions taking place on private work. That should remain private between the payer and the payee

If you are looking with help in understanding a brief… continue the convo


We are looking to hire someone to obtain a logo.

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