Need comments on this project

So, ‘Donskoi’ is a guy who produces video for different needs such as travelling, hobbies, or self ads for social media posting. He wanted logo to be uncomplicated and connected with his surname.

Your critique and recommendations are welcome!

Looks like a logo for electrical products.

Missed the mark with this altogether.

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I agree with @Smurf2 on this. The “o” looks like a power button which makes me think of electronics. There are some other issues going on, but they aren’t worth mentioning since I think you need a new direction.

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I’m assuming the power button symbol is intentional, but what does it have to do with video? Wouldn’t a play button be more closely associated with video work.

In addition, shouldn’t it be productions rather than production?

I do like the red, black and white simplicity, though.

The undotted i created a visual imbalance, and the spacing between the two lines makes the whole composition look extremely awkward.

Like @Just-B , I like the colour choice.

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