Need feedback about pattern

Hello! I am a graphic design student. This is the first pattern created by me. I need your feedback, please. Any suggestions about colour, elements? I am not sure about the background colour, also not sure if my illustrations are too complex to print it on the fabric.

Second question first, your imagery is not too complex to print on fabric if short run dye sub. If this is boutique printed fabric or on-demand. Dot gain isn’t too much of a problem. I do this kind of stuff all the time for interior decorators and it comes out sweet.

If it is rotary printed though, seeing as you have some very delicate fades and shading, you would have to check with the company doing the work. Color registration can be an issue.

As to the colors and elements… The size of the animals works on a pillow, but are probably way too large for the dress (Though I am not up on women’s fashion trends at all.) I think your background color works well and nothing is setting off any alarm bells. Might want to visit the size difference between a koala bear and a bird though. Seems a little weird the bird is so big in comparison to the bear.

Might be a baby koala and a giant heron bird.

Don’t know the koala is climbing a gray stick - surely it should be a brown stick?

What color is eucalyptus bark?
I think the OP got it right.

Maybe just colours on my phone

I really like your Kookaburra and Koala illustrations. Very nice :slight_smile:

The bark on the upper branches of most eucalyptus is silver gray. I dunno about the eucs that a koala eats though. In some images the bark looks silver, others I suspect are taken in zoo environments so are suspect.

Thank you for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face: I agree with you that the print on the dress should be smaller. Also I will try to experiment with different sizes of animals, that’s true that birds are very big and koalas are small.

Thank you :blush:

I actually really like it - I’d buy it the way it is. I don’t mind about the sizing issue, surely each animal can be taken in isolation.

I love Koalas, everytime I am in Australia I make sure I go pet some. I guess Koalas might be my spirit animal :smiley:

Koala pillow cases - table cloths, laptop covers - phone covers.
Possibilities are endless.

I really like this.

Thank you so much for kind words :blush: Since I live in Australia I decided to use it’s flora and fauna for my pattern.

I’d love a pair of Tasmanian devil and platypus boxer shorts if and when you get around to it.

Seriously though, I like the fabric pattern. I even like the large pattern on the dress. It’s bold without being overbearing.

As others have said, there’s a bit of a size mismatch between the koala and kookabura. I’m certainly not a fabric printing expert, but I might be concerned with subtleties in the gradients not printing as well as you might like. PrintDriver, however, knows far more about that kind of thing than I do.

Yeah I know that gradients are not easy for printing and I was concerned about it. Good idea about Tasmanian devil and platypus. I actually want to create Australian pattern bundle one day soon :grin:

I don’t know much at all about rotary fabric printing (large runs on seriously large machines that do each color on a roller.) I do know you don’t see a lot of fabric in soft goods that have such subtleties in the patterns and if you buy odd lots at dollar places, you will see misregistration too.

But I do a lot of dye sub, large stuff for theatre shows and small stuff for interior decor. We’ve also done some boutique stuff for people who want to do clothing. But a note, there are two kinds of dye sub, direct dye and transfer sublimation. The direct dye machines don’t quite have the fine detail that the transfer sublimation machines have, so if you are going short run dye sub, check into the process and get shop samples before running your fabric. Transfer sublimation (print to raster paper then run it through a heat press) to my eye has better resolution on fabric when finer detail is involved.

The other issue though too, is dye sub has to be on a polyester type fabric. There are places that do cottons but they are few and far between. Not everyone wants their fashions to be on polyester fabric. You can get recycled stuff. Some of them don’t print as nice so always always always get a press sample before committing.

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