Need Feedback on logotype

Good morning,

I need a logotype for my illustrations. The Project name or Claim is: Be my Boo

here is a pic of one of the motives:
Peer Group

Following I list my sketched drafts and designs:

I would be happy to reach feedback.

The theme of the Project is mixing gender clichees between man and woman.
Also exchanging roles. It is about might, power, status.

And I Need a logotype for “Be my Boo”.

So please comment my Sketches.

Kind regards

I gotta be honest, I’m not sure what’s going on here. Are you wanting to brand an illustration business? The illustrations I work with usually just go by their name. Or are you looking to brand a series of illustrations? What is the significance of “be my boo”? Is the dog with the chain and cats in lingerie typical of what you’re illustrating? Way too little information here for me to grasp what’s going on.