Need Graphic Artist for my crypto Website

Hi. I’m looking for someone for my crypto NFT based project who can make a make a header background for my website, Type: Rockets with a planet background.

Is this Paid work?

I’m starting my own blockchain project and you will be rewarded with free tokens for assisting us, you would be able to sell those tokens immediately in the market for
$USDT or simply buy NFTs with it ( you will use the tokens to buy them )

About me what I’m planning.

I’m planning to launch a crypto project, I’m being very honest, I’m not a big guy, I don’t have enough funds for a start up, but with everyone working together and doing what we are best in, we can pretty much raise funds and launch it successfully. If you believe this can be “HUGE” and interested in working with me, just send me a DM.

A great looking website with some details about project is the first most thing when starting a project to build a userbase, that’s why a banner for my website is top most priority for now.

Here are some of the examples of arts I love and looking for something similar.

We have a policy on the forum that any work requested be accompanied by an offer to pay with actual money. Blockchain tokens, promises of future work, exposure, bigger things down the line, and other vague payments in lieu of cash don’t cut it.

Would you ask your dentist, your auto mechanic or your grocery store to accept blockchain tokens? I’m locking the thread — sorry.

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