Need help deciphering client request

I would request more clarification, but I have to go through another person, and do not have personal contact with the client. I am so confused though. First he says colorful, then in the next sentence he says flat color. Those are opposites in my mind. Below are my exact instructions.

Create 2 banners for them to pick from. Stylized text only with a colorful background. Just a flat, color background. Something in the Spring-ish colorway, but just a color should work
1 - 5 hours only !
2 - SAVE 15% !

Any feedback on this will be helpful - thank you.

Flat color as in no gradient or effects, possibly.
No idea what save 15% means.

The save 15% is just what the text is to say.

Yeah Flat Colour in this context means a plain colour fill, no texture, no effects. It could still be a bright colour.

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Is it possible they mean 2 versions of 2 posters. The 5 hours only as well as SAVE 15% are the 2 posters.
The two banner options would be:
Version 1.) Stylized Text on colorful background
Version 2.) Stylized text or even plain text on a Flat color background

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