Need help for filming my artworks overhead

I want to record my artwork but im unsure which tripod and phone holder i need for the tripod when i do buy it. I went on this one site which is called Manfrotto to look for phone holders but don’t seem to find any that im looking for anyone who knows a lot about these things please comment with your suggestions and advice :smile:

It sounds like you want to make a video recording of you working on your artwork. Is that correct? I’ve never done this, so I can’t offer specific advice. But I can offer some guidance. Manfrotto makes nice gear. I have several tripods, and one is a Manfrotto. That said, you might have better luck searching at a place like Adorama where you can view different brands. There might be some other brand that has something more tailored to what you’re looking for. Also, you can call or chat with Adorama – which is probably the way to go. One thing I’d consider is if the tripod should mount to the table or sit on the floor. If it’s on the table, and table shakes will shake the camera, too. If it’s on the floor, the camera will stay still even if the table shakes. I’m really not sure which will produce the smoother looking video. Last piece of advice I’ll give you is this: don’t skimp. Most people that buy a cheap tripod end up spending the money for a good tripod. Just get a good one to start with.

Yes thats correct recording of me working on my artwork. Thanks for that i will look into that site and with the tripod i probably experiment to see what works but to be fair tripod sitting on the floor could be a good route as i can have more space in my work area.

i just want a decent tripod and not too expensive i saw some tripods costing like 600 bucks totally out of my range

You could always go with an overhead portable pole rig.

They are sturdy, not too much $$ and won’t shake if you hit the table.

Pole Rig ideas

There are some ridiculously expensive tripods out there. (Take a look at Really Right Stuff.)

Piggybacking off of RKK’s idea, another option would be a c-stand like this one from Kupo Grip. This has a smaller footprint than a tripod, so you could get it nice and close to your desk. Kupo sells a ton of accessories; I’m sure they have a mount to take your camera or cell phone.

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Kupo’s stuff is pretty nice. You might be able to find a less expensive model from a different brand. Or look for used gear on Craig’s List.

That’s actually another good alternative as well but will look into those if i cant find a decent tripod and phone holder

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Didn’t read much about the c stand but do i need to buy a phone holder with that? or do i not need one?

A basic c-stand purchase includes the vertical part with the base and an arm. All of the accessories come separately. So you’d need to purchase something to hold the phone or camera. You’d probably want a sandbag to weight down the legs and, if you’re using a heavy camera, you’d probably want a counter balance on the opposite end of the bar.

Smartphone Holder

DSLR Holder

Hmm alright thanks for the heads up but to be honest im more concern what phone holder i need that fits with the tripod don’t want to buy a phone holder and i cant attach it to the tripod gonna be money down the drain. How would you know which phone holder you need for the tripod?

Update: bought myself a tripod might post some of my recordings on here

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