Need Help For Logo Designing

Hi :slight_smile:
I Should Design a Logo for “WebAmoozesh” Website, The “Amoozesh” Word Means Tutorial, This Website About Selling Programming Books, Now I Would Really Appreciated if You folk Helped me with some ideas.
(this website belong to my best friend)
(sorry for my english)

Swami, this forum is largely made up of professional designers – many of whom design logos. Coming up with ideas for logos is part of our job – something we get paid to do. By asking for help with ideas, you are asking us to do something for free we normally get paid to do.

My suggestion is that you grab a sketch pad and pencil. Spend some time, and make it a significant amount of time, sketching out ideas. Sketch word-based ideas. Think about what sort of icon or graphic could possibly represent “tutorial.” Sketch out some ideas for graphics.

Scan or take photos of your sketches and ask for feedback on the work you’ve done.

After that, move to a vector art program and develop the most promising ideas on the computer.

Good luck.


I’m so sorry It was my fault, I asked my question incorrectly

What did you want to ask?

If you don’t have a lot of practice doing logos I’d start with pencil and paper and start sketching out rough ideas.

Tip: Work really small to sketch “thumbnails” - like max 2". (That will keep you from making your logo with too much detail so it will print well small and in one color.) Do maybe 10 variations and pick your top 3. Clean them up (old school is to use tracing paper over and over until its clean. Then present those 3 designs (still hand drawn) to your client (friend).

Once you have one that you can use as a one color business card size logo, create it in vector art for print. This way you can use the vector “simple” logo as a “paint by numbers” tool to add colors and details for any logo that is used at a larger size.

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Here are some tips:

Agreed. Sketch first. Don’t start with the computer.

You could put your eye out with that wine glass. :slight_smile:

OK, you’re a geek, but that is a great tip. Using a thesaurus is a great way to comeuppance with ideas without polluting your process with visuals of other artists. Btw, I’m more of a nerd.

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