Need help identifying Japanese font used in logo

I need help identify Japanese font, it may be hard to find but any help if appreciated

Im looking for the font used for the text in red ハザマ編

Perhaps I have missed this, but I am curious as to what you do? Are you a professional designer? A hobbyist? You post a lot of requests for type identification or asking how you do something. What are you doing with the graphics you create?

I am an ammeter graphics designer, I like to take a up at least three project at a time so that’s why. My specialty is logo design

Look up “Japanese typography” and “forums” in Google. You’ll probably get more useful help that way.

Couldn’t find the exact font but found something pretty close

I don’t understand why almost all of your questions are about fonts. It seems like a huge waste of time, not just for you, but for those of us who contribute to this forum.

You call yourself ComicMaster. That’s a very big title that I am not sure fits you. Let’s see some of your work, so you can prove your moniker.

All of my work is on myartstation. Also ComicMaster is just a fun username I came up when I was 13yrs its not meant to be taken seriously

Based on your art station work, you don’t need font help. I recommend that you go to design school to learn the basics.

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I don’t on doing this for a career, I just do it for fun

Your fun is using our expertise. Nothing wrong with that. But I’m not a fun plumber on a plumbing website trying to fix plumbing issues for free.

Now, nothing wrong with what you are doing. No problem.

You should find yourself a japense anime or simialr forum.

Or set one up.

You’ve got something niche but I don’t feel it here.

Good luck in your searches. And by all means keep posting here if you want.

I do enjoy the challenge. But ultimately it’s not for me.

You’re great by the way. It’s nothing personal I just think you can find or start a community.

Maybe it’s time I stepped in wearing my moderator hat.

@ComicMaster138, you’re not breaking any forum rules, and asking for font IDs is OK. You’re reproducing these game images as a fun hobby, and that’s fine too. Many amateurs, hobbyists, and students drop by to ask questions, which is good. If they didn’t, the regulars here — most of whom are professional designers — would run out of things to discuss.

Forum members like to help out and give advice. However, you’re repeatedly asking the same kinds of questions about typefaces that professional graphic designers never use. I doubt anyone here has much knowledge of East Asian or old bitmapped and sci-fi fonts.

Most GDF members are professional designers and art directors. We design annual reports, product packaging, promotional campaigns, websites, corporate branding, books, magazines, and trade show booth graphics. We work in print shops, ad agencies, television stations, design studios, media & publishing companies, and other similar business situations.

Most of our work focuses on the design needs of businesses, corporations, non-profits, and other organizations. We do these things for a living and not as a hobby. For example, probably two-thirds of my design work has been helping various government agencies with public outreach communication initiatives over the years.

I suspect some people here play computer games, but game graphics are a niche thing that most graphic designers never do. They don’t often get involved in the creation or reproduction of the things you’re asking about. For that matter, the work you’re reproducing is the kind of work design schools use as examples of bad design. Gamers, of course, view it very differently, which again is OK.

You’re certainly welcome to stay and keep asking questions, but some forum members are beginning to push back. As those before me have said, you might have better luck finding a gamers’ forum or group of like-minded game hobbyists to engage about these things. I wish I could steer you to some, but I’m sure you know far more about that than I do.

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I couldn’t have said it better, Just-B

I don’t mind helping in finding fonts. I have some experience from designing ceremonial certificates for the martial arts back in the day.

I’m no expert in it.

If someone doesn’t have an an answer they can just not post anything. Pushing back is fine. But there’s a line between a push and a shove.

Certainly finding a niche group or starting maybe a private Facebook group or similar and invite like minded hobbyists.

Again I don’t mind helping. But there’s a point when the op must realise they are on the right track asking the questions just the wrong audience.