Need help identifying mysterious fonts I installed

Hello, Im trying figure up what’s the deal with these two mysterious font I downloaded from a shady Chinese font website a few months ago.

These fonts are “Personal Regular” and “Expose Regular”, who made these fonts? and what are their actual names?

The other one is a free font that was created with Altsys Fontographer - which is now FontLab. I can’t find any other info except it’s free on a lot of sites.

What more can I say - downloading fonts from dodgy sites, you’re inviting potential viruses/trojans into your system as anyone can be sharing them.

Like anything illegal - you can be downloading anything onto your computer. Fonts are software - and once they are installed they could offer backdoors to hackers or other nefarious things.

It’s always best to purchase fonts from legitimate reputable places.

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FF Blur Light and “Exposure Regular” do look similar but are not the same font

You asked for the real name. Smurf gave that to you. What you have is the cheap knock from a Chinese website. There is no other name for the version you have because it was derived from the original.

I can see the differences.
But I don’t know of any other font for you, sorry.

If someone is editing the fonts and putting them up on dodgy sites I can’t help with that one.

All I’ll say is maybe not go to dodgy sites to download basterised fonts.

As I say - they are called ‘Trojan’ viruses for a reason.

Best of luck.

It’s close enough that I think we can all be fairly certain that someone has ‘copied’ (poorly). It looks to me like Brody’s iconic 90s classic has been badly auto-traced and released for someone else’s own ends. It would be up to a court to decide if it is close enough (or obtain proof that it has been traced) so as to be illegal.

Either way, it is definitely not ethical. These sorts of fonts and sites that propagate them should be avoided. Using them condones this kind of behaviour. If no one used them, no one would be ripping type designers off.

Original free fonts, where the designer has chosen to release fonts under a cc licence, are one thing, but fonts that knowingly trade in the intellectual capital of other designers are immoral.

If you want to, or need to, use free fonts, do yourself (and others) a favour and use legitimate sites like Font Squirrel. That way, as Smurf says, you won’t be downloading who-knows-what kind of ‘bonus’ coding onto your computer.

This does kinda sorta make me wonder why you might be copying all these cheap game software logo-splash screens… :thinking:

Posts from this guy are always the same—“I need font names” which must number in the hundreds by now. Helping him only wastes our time. It doesn’t help him further his ability or help him generate income.

Unless he’s pirating those games…

I never thought about selling pirated games. Maybe you could do that with retro games, but I doubt I could do a good job and ebay or amazon would not allow that.

Can you tell us honestly what you’re doing with all these? It’s very odd.

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I like messing around in photoshop in making custom logos. whether its making a logo into a different and language or making a shitpost using a logo. I do it for fun