Need help in a logo design process

I am designing a logo of a company called SETUWORKS, setu means bridge. It is an intermediate company that connects NGOs with corporates who are doing donations. I am willing to add a bridge to this logo along with words. Any suggestions, please…

How much money do you have?

People here are not going to do your job for you.
If you want, you can post options that you have come up with in the Crit Pit and we’ll offer a critique. Then you can take or ignore any advice given.
Bear in mind those images in the crit pit will show up if the company does an internet search on their name. This forum ranks fairly high in search results.

I likely would avoid the temptation to place an actual bridge in the logo. Instead, I’d focus on what bridges do and how they relate to what this company does. From what you wrote, it seems to involve making connections and bridging the gaps between two, otherwise, unconnected entities. So rather than focus on bridges, my first instincts would be to focus on the abstract symbolism of connections and networks.

As PrintDriver mentioned, draw up a few idea and post them in the CritPit.

Adding an actual bridge would be far too literal, especially considering that the company doesn’t actually build bridges. If you feel the need to use a bridge to represent the concept make it as abstract as possible, or as Just-B mentions, find another way to communicate what a bridge does.

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