Need help looking for Alpha Sapphire logo font

Hey I’m looking for the font that used in the logo for Alpha Sapphire and I need your help

So far I haven’t found the exact font but the closes fonts I’ve found so far are

  • Dagger by Alexander Tarbeev
  • Fury Bold by Patrick Griffin
  • Linotype Rezident Com Four by Paul van der Laan

Can you assist me in finding the exact front used in the Alpha Sapphire. Or at least a font very similar to it thanks

There might have been an original font it was based upon. However, all the letters are of different heights from the others, so I’m reasonably sure someone drew it that way.

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Looks like they used the “arc” option to achieve the way it looks

For Omega Ruby its companion game it used used a modified version of Graveblade by Ray Larabie for its logo. I’m wondering what font was modified and used to create the Alpha Sapphire logo

The font is called Alpha Sapphire. The different heights of the letters indicates upper/lower case. It’s a free font but this site gives you the opportunity to make a donation to the creator.

That’s a fan made font. Not the font that nintendo used for basis of the Alpha Sapphire logo

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There’s something terribly ironic there… :slight_smile:

After finding and examining the Spanish logo for Alpha Sapphire I’ve determined the logo uses a modified version of Linotype Rezident Four