Need help making this type of art!


I need help finding how to make this type of metallic design on text and patterns. I’ve seen this become a huge trend on instagram and I have long been struggling to find how to make it.

Thanks in advance!


You’ll have to experiment on your own quite a bit to get where you’re first developing a vision of what you want, then figuring out how to go about it. Until then, a good result will be a happy accident (and I’d bet a lot of the ones you see are that). To get you started, here’s how I’d start trying to emulate your example, experimenting and speculating at each step, and not necessarily in this order:

  • Use blends in Illustrator to generate series of line sequences
  • Copy from Illustrator > Paste in Photoshop
  • (With Layer Transparency locked) fill with gradient
  • Apply Bevel/Emboss Layer Style
  • Apply Angled Brush Strokes filter
  • Apply Unsharp Mask (or other sharpening) with extreme parameters, repeating to produce over-sharpened effect

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