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Seeking some guidance for solving a problem at work. We are a startup that has now expanded globally. I’m a graphic designer, but looking to build the team or work with another team to outsource some of the workload. No large agencies as they are desiring something affordable. Th work would involve creating graphics that can later be templated and taking graphics and translating them to various languages according to the region. Would need designers that speak the native language. Current needs for (Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and the dialect for UK and South Africa). Does anyone know a good place to look for this particular need?

Hii @Lanyb85 you can find Indian Graphic Designers on LinkedIn or some profile listing sites! Btw I’m a freelance UX designer from India, you can contact me if you want UX services of a Hindi speaking UX designer. Here is my portfolio

I’ve worked on a number of projects where I’ve had to have my designs translated into another language – including some with non-Western fonts. I’ve had really good luck hiring bilingual designers through Upwork.

That approach will not make anything easier or more cost effective. Is there some reason you can’t design in a primary language, then just buy translation services?

I routinely design (write, illustrate, and typeset/layout), technical documents in English, then publish in 7-12 additional languages using a translation service. It’s can get expensive, but It would be much more expensive to hire and retain another designer for each language. And, it’s unnecessary; a designer for each language re-designing in that language would introduce redundance, complexities, and inconsistencies to the process of composing the initial release as well as the performance of ongoing maintenance. Maybe I’m missing something or there are factors you haven’t explained, but your vision for the workflow may need more detailed consideration.

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Actually a translation service isn’t a bad idea for the language part. We still need to find someone to outsource to which could be a single freelancer. Which services would you recommend? We need something that understands the language since there are certain terms used in the area of real estate that don’t translate well using one of those software tools that just runs like a generator over the copy. So would be real people to translate.

I don’t know where you are, but it may not matter. The service I use, Pangea Global Solutions, is staffed by live linguists and is very savvy with respect to industry-specific terminologies. Each job they do for you gets indexed in a lexicon implementation database that ensures your market-critical terms get translated the same way every time in every language.

Of course, for the design outsourcing, I could only recommend myself: Hotbutton Strategies But you may solicit the entire membership here by posting in the Classifieds forum.

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