Need help with 90s inspired graphics

Hi guys,
Do you have any advice how to make this type of 90s designs for tshirts?
How to get this color effect etc.?,fit:scale/output=format:jpg,quality:70/compress/LD3kVA1SRwKoc3nE7hRV


Design in Photoshop and use Layer FX on everything (eg gradient fills, bevel&emboss, inside/outside glows, shadows, strokes…)

That’s a bit like asking how to paint a car. On one hand it can be boiled down to “apply paint to car,” but on the other hand, there are many steps that require in-depth knowledge and artistic application of the various tools and techniques required.

If you’re asking about a specific aspect of an example, please re-ask with focus on that aspect.

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Lot of Adjustment Layering and Layer blend modes happening in there too.

A lot of the ‘effects’ on the photos and other halftones is down to the adjustments necessary for screenprinting. In litho print, commonly the dot gain is 5-8% depending on the paper, which means anything below a 5% dot can disappear, and anything over 93% can fill in, especially in 4 colour printing.
In screenprinting, your range is commonly 15-85%.

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