Need help with creating a Indian Fusion Pizza logo

I have been asked to create a logo for a pizza restaurant which features some Indian fusion menu items - e.g. tandoori chicken pizza, butter chicken pizza etc. I need to incorporate a symbol that makes it very easy for someone walking by to know that there are Indian flavours at this pizza place. Does anyone have any suggestions on something that can achieve this? Thank you.

I’m not going to do the creative work for you, but I can offer some suggestions to help.

  • Spend a week researching India, its food, its people, its culture, and its symbols.
  • Spend several weeks brainstorming and mind mapping. How can you creatively link India and pizza?
  • Define a persona or avatar for the client’s customer.
  • Create a mood board to reflect the persona’s taste.
  • Market research into competitor’s branding.
  • Spend several weeks sketching ideas. No wrong answers or possibilities at this phase.
  • Narrow the concepts down to the best 15 to 20.
  • Post those sketches here for feedback.
  • Based on feedback, select the 10 strongest options to build in AI.
  • Post those logos here for feedback.
  • Narrow it down to 3 to 4 solid concepts to show the client.
  • Create a presentation that shows each logo in color and black and white as well as showing the logo applied to a variety of marketing materials such as a business card, a brochure, an avatar or a trade display.
  • Pitch the concepts to the client with the confidence that you’ve done your homework and are presenting rock solid options, that will compete favorably in the marketplace, that will accurately represent your client, and that will server your client well for years to come.

Good luck. Sounds like a great project!

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Speaking as someone who lived in Italy for a number of years and whose family heritage is Italian, there’s no excuse for that. Personally, I’d run away from that job very fast. Chicken Tandoori pizza should be illegal!


The symbol on India’s flag looks somewhat like a pizza:


There was an Italian restaurant here in town I used to go to. It was sold to a family from India, and they began incorporating Indian food into the Italian food menu. It always struck me as a peculiar combination.

I like @Jakub_Trybowski’s idea of using the symbol in the Indian flag. I just looked it up. It’s called a Ashoka Chakra. You might also consider lotus blossoms and Indian elephants. How many people will pick up on the symbols, though, I don’t know. I’d stay away from any religious symbolism.

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Just to say that looks like a snowflake.

I don’t think we’re allowed to submit the work for the op.

But good idea to use the wheel. But I’m not sure non Indian people would get it.

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Nope. Wouldn’t have gotten the icon on a bet.
I gotta say, that is one of the um…nastiest…color combinations in a gradient that I’ve ever seen. Sorry. But true. And I’ve seen a lot of gradients.


Thanks to everyone who has replied! Much appreciated.
I think I’m looking for a very obvious symbol representing India or Indian cuisine.
Considering Taj Mahal, Buddha, Lotus… whatever makes it immediately apparent there is an Indian flare to this pizza place.

@Steve_O gave a very good breakdown.

Typically I start with the common areas.

If they already have a logo - or don’t have one and this is a new one?

If they already have a logo - what do they like about their current logo - what do they not like about their current logo.

If it’s a new logo - are they aware of any competitors - have they seen their competitors logos - what do they like/dislike about their competitors logos.

If they have their own logo already start with this on Page 1 of a presentation.

Highlight all the good things - like a diagram - colours - shapes etc.
Do the same on similar pages for their competitors logos (if any).

Then show their logo on top of a page with their Competitors logo underneath.

This gives a showcase about their logo - and also gives you thought process before even starting the design.

Next to research in the presentation is what is Indian food - shapes, colours, etc.

Then Pizza food logos

Are there any India Pizza logos?

This should give you about 10 pages of a presentation - which kickstarts your thought process.

Once you have all the answers from the client about their expectations in colours, shapes, etc. then you can start to process ideas onto the page.

Again - start with what Steve_O suggested.

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Taj Majal is a burial site, purportedly Muslim.
Buddha has religious connotations
Both might be considered disrespectful.
Have you consulted with the client on acceptable Indian symbolism?
Research. Definitely research.

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